Student Testimonies 2012


"Two field trips that I liked were going to the African American Museum and the MLK Memorial. The museum was fun because I got to see my history, in a way of not feeling the pain. The museum had a lot of cool toys of famous people and dolls there. Also, going to the pool and bowling was fun. Two characters traits I liked were forgiveness and honesty.

Two teachers I liked were Miss Bedu and Dr. Fizer. They were the best teachers. Also, I made friends here like Tammy, Jayden and many more. This camp influenced me by reading the bible. Almost everything I've done so far is fun. I want to see what field trips we are going to do next year."

"I had a fun time here at Logan Academy and Learning Center. Some of the field trips we have been on are swimming bowling and to the Marth Luther King Jr. Memorial I enjoyed all of our field trips so far.

We have learned some character traits like forgiveness, honesty and courage. We have also learned about self-control. Some of the bible stories we have learned about in character building are Moses and his mother. David and Coliath of Gath, Adam and Eve and Jacob and Esau. This is camp has influenced me to imply some of he character traits we have learned and talked about. my summer was really fun at this camp. If I had not come to this camp, i wouldn't have learned everything I learned in school and now I can tell my friends about my very educational summer."

"I have had a great time this summer in the summer enrichment program. Two field trips I enjoyed were bowling, because I have never been before, and the other one is swiming, I love to swim. There is one more I rally want to shar which is the MLK National Memorial. Two character traits I enjoyed were forgiveness and courage. Some friends I have made are Shailyn, Malaysia, Ciara and basicaly the majority of the camp.  

I met Ms. Beu, Dr.Fizer and Ms. Brittany. This camp has influenced me because instead of staying home all day and just watching TV, I have something to do. My summer at the summer enrichment program has been great. I made new friends. I  learned new things. I can say this summer was realy exciting and awesome!"

"I've been having a good time at the Logan Academy and Learning Center. The summer has been fun. Camp influenced me to read my bible more, and to memorize scripture. I also learned more praise and worship songs. I met really great teachers like Ms. Bedu and Dr. Fizer.

I also really enjoyed all the field trips that took place. To specify, I enjoyed swimming and going to the National Black History Museum. I enjoyed the Forgiveness trait and the Self-Control trait. I enjoyed the other traits as well. I made new friends, and met friends from last year. The Logan Academy and Learning Center is very joyful."

"When I cam to Logan Academy and Learning Center, I met DJ and Steve. They are two funny fellows that I can relate to. Then I met Dr. Fizer a.k.a Doc. She is one of the best and coolest teachers I have met. While I was a Logan Academy and Learning Center, I learnes some traits that could help me in life like courage and honsesty. We also went on some fun field trips to the skating rink and the bowling alley.

This camp has influenced me in so many different ways because I wolud be on the streets getting in trouble or getting involved in things I don't want to get myself into. When I came here, the staff and students make me feel welcomed and so far my sumer here at Logan Academy has been fun and educating. I relly enjoyed it here. I'm praying that by next year,  I will be be a proud staff here at Logan Academy and Learning.

Two field trips that I enjoyed were: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the trip to the swimming pool. I liked the swimming pool because it gave us 2 hours of relaxation. I loved the memorial because it was nice to see a statue dedicated to an African American. Two character traits that I enjoyed were Honesty and Forgiveness.

I've made a lot of friends here. But, my main friends are Shailyn and Posible. One teacher that I have met is Ms. Bedu. The camp has influenced me by helping me get closer to God. My summer here has been enjoyable. It has taught me a lot, and I hope to see the same people next year."

"One field trip I enjoyed was swimming and the other was the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. One character trait I learned about was self-control and another was courage. Friends I have made are Malaysia, Ciara, Posible, Jamal, Steven, Tem and Wonderful.
Teachers I have met are Dr. Fizer, Ms. Bedu, Ms. Brittany and Ms. Jegede. The camp has influenced me by how they teach and the people I have met. The four weeks I have been here I have had fun at Logan Academy and Learning Center. I have been through some trouble, but had fun on the way."